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Tax return of Norway 2019
Name and Surnameyour full name
Phone numberPhone number
How many days did you work in 2019?
Your status:
Married Single Divorced
If you have wife/husband, in which country does she/he live?name of the country
Wife/husband incomes in 2019?If the wife/husband doesn't work than please write incomes from the Labour Exchange
Do you have children/s under 18 years?
The amount of alimony paid in 2019?the amount in kr.-
Km to kindergardenKm from home to kindergarden.
For what pays your employee?
Amount of credit you have paid last year

Travel costs when you travel to Norway due to work? The distance you can calculate with the following link.

Not valid for the company transport unless you are paying for fuel self!

How many km are to the first work?From home to work
How many days you have worked at the first work?The number of days
How many km are to the second work?From Home to work
How many days you have worked at the second work?The number of days
Autopass and ferry costs while driving to / from work?Amount per day (kr).
Do you have MinID Login?If you want we can order. Enter your ID / D number
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If you have some doubts you can attach you Skatt melding 2019Compatible formats: pdf, jpg, png, doc
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2015 tax return can handle up to 04/30/2016.